The canal waterway is a community hub where there are many users that share the same space from boats, cyclists, fishermen, walkers, mores, neighbours and many business operations. One of the greatest attractions the canals have are that they are peaceful and tranquil places where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, please help us keep them that way.

In some places where waterways and buildings are in close proximity to one another, there can be a risk of noise that may cause a disturbance. In part of our handover instructions, we will explain to your party about the Quiet Zones and their signage. They are advisory areas where we ask our guests to keep noise to an absolute minimum. Usually, they start at 8.00 pm and finish at 8.00 am. Between those times we ask that our boaters avoid generator or engine running, loud music or any other disturbance to others nearby.

Happy Boating!

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