Even in these Pandemic times, people are still looking for a chilled escape and what better way on a narrowboat! Last year a unique and rare opportunity arose to purchase a 59 ft traditional narrowboat with an exceptional mooring in the Somerset Coal Canal. This short length of canal was restored approximately 40 years ago and turned into a linear marina. We operate at the closed end where there is a Canal Visitor Centre, restaurant and us. We are a hire base, hiring out nearly 40 different boats, a team of engineers, fuel sales and a dry dock. This dry dock is used daily for our maintenance and work projects. In this case, the boat was sold, was surveyed in the Dock by a local surveyor who produced a report for the buyers, a small list of minor works was needed and carried out, the hull was power washed, scraped and three coats of bitumen international blacking applied and a full engine service. We offer a comprehensive service to both vendor & purchaser. We welcome the new narrow boaters who will go on to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the canal and its characters.

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